Multiplatformsko novinarstvo – početni kurs

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In this course you will learn:

Digitalno doba promenilo je izgled novinarskih priča, način na koji su napisane i način na koji se vizuelno predstavljaju publici. Bez obzira jeste li iskusni novinar/ka ili početnik/ca u novinarstvu, morate stvoriti prilagođene multimedijalne novinarske priče kako biste dosegnuli veću publiku na različitim platformama.

Kroz kurs ćete naučiti kako se svet medija menja pod uticajem tehnologije, kako se menjaju navike publike, koji sadržaj treba da stvorite i kako ga prilagoditi kako biste ga pratili na različitim platformama.


  • Dio 1 daje pregled kursa i tema koje će biti obuhvaćene i upoznaje vas s instruktorima;
  • Dio 2 opisuje navike publike prilikom praćenja vijesti na različitim platformama;
  • Dio 3 opisuje postupak prilagođavanja vijesti za različite platforme kroz praktični primjer;
  • Dio 4 obuhvata ključne poente i završne savjete za prilagođavanje vijesti za različite platforme.

U posebnim dijelovima ovog kursa postoje praktične vježbe i upitnici. Potrebno je da ih sve završite i  da popunite kako biste stekli odgovarajuće znanje, kao i sertifikat za uspješno završen kurs.

Ovaj kurs možete završiti za približno 4 sata, kroz više sesija.

Teachers in this course:

Dušica Zlajić

Artist of wonders untold

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Milutin Pavićević

Extreme knowledge distributor

Aleksandar Manasiev


Aleksandar Manasiev is an award-winning journalist from North Macedonia with more than 17 years of experience in print media, TV and digital media. He has experience as an investigative journalist, correspondent and editor in chief in several media outlets in the region and beyond. He also works as a regional trainer for mobile journalism, digital media and investigative journalism.

Vladimir Trkulja

Media business planer

Vladimir Trkulja is a community organizer and media business planer with a decade of experience in creating, growing and supporting Serbian startup companies through different programmes, mentoring, coaching and public speaking. Strong background in technology, especially related to developing new products using lean methodologies and working with agile teams. Vladimir is a mentor and coach of many acceleration programmes & events, including Eleven Ventures, Startup Academy, InnoEnergy Primer, Climate KIC, UNDP CSDU Incubator and Google Launchpad.

Sanja Lazić

Community building expert

She is community building, crowdfunding and capacity building expert, specialized in work with CSO and mission-led media outlets. She was part of the Catalyst Balkans team, and is in charge of regional crowdfunding platform Within the last 3 years she created and implemented numerous crowdfuning capaigns with media outlets such as TV Forum Prijepolje (first locally based crowdfunding capaign), Autonomija from Novi Sad, KRIK and CINS – investigative portals from Serbia, Iz glave – popular podcast show from Kragujevac (donation-based model), Pescanik (membership-based model).

Aleksandra Radivojević

Senior Operations Manager

Aleksandra Radivojević is a digital media expert working on the crossroad where technology and journalism meet. She has more than 7 years of experience in working with media, advertising, consulting publishers, and educating newsrooms in the field of data analytics. Aleksandra started her career as a Marketing Manager at satirical news portal, she worked as a social media manager for a large publishing group, and currently, she is working as a Senior Operations Manager for data analytics service provider – smartocto. At smartocto, she is leading a team of consultants, dedicated to helping and supporting small and local media outlets in their growth to sustainable business.

Other Courses:

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