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Anastasiia Shevchenko, Operations Editor at The Fix Media

Anastasiia is a media analyst focused on disinformation, partisan media, and media literacy. Before joining The Fix, she worked as a communications manager, fact-checker and media researcher. Anastasiia has also been a Fulbright Fellow, doing research on information wars at the University of Kansas.

Maja Vasić-Nikolić worked at the Independent Journalists Association of Serbia from 2006 to 2021. During her work at IJAS Maja coordinated the Association’s projects and advocacy efforts related to increasing safety of journalists and levels of media freedoms in Serbia and, through Association regional projects, the Western Balkans.

David Tvrdon is a tech and media journalist and podcaster with a marketing background (and degree).

Dalibor Pokec is a contracted creative director at the Croatian public television (HRT), in charge of the visual layout of the HRT’s main news programme. This includes the creation of innovative designs, development of creative projects, along with management and cooperation between all aspects involved in production. He is involved in creating and producing visual elements for stories and programmes, and managing a team for VizRT system-based augmented reality real-time 3d live television graphics.
Dalibor has been working in broadcast media for the last 16 years. Since then, he has worked on various projects, such as the Olympics, The Voice, and others, as video editor, camera operator, promo producer, graphics editor-in-chief, 3d designer and motion designer. He is also a certified mobile journalism trainer, freelance videographer, and musician.

Dejan Oblak is teaching and research assistant at the Department of Journalism & Media Production, University of Zagreb. He is a PhD student at the Department of Information and Communication Sciences at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. His research interests are innovation in multimedia storytelling with emphasis on emerging formats such as infographics and animation in journalism. He has more then 10 years of experience working in the media and in education of students and media profesionals. He has provided multimedia and convergent journalism trainings and workshops in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania working on OSCE and and Internews projects. He is also a freelance motion designer and video editor.