Innovation in the Newsroom – How to Stay Ahead in the Digital Age

March 22 at 4 pm CET

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With the wave of discussions, dilemmas and worry that the introduction of Chat GPT created across the industry, media organisations suddenly started thinking about whether technology has become a threat to their jobs. But, artificial intelligence (AI) and innovative practices in the newsroom are not new, not a distant future dream. 

Robots are already collecting and verifying data, writing articles and adapting them to different target groups and many newsrooms are using innovative devices that help them create a better reporting experience. 

But innovation in the newsroom is about so much more than technology. How do we ensure we don’t get lost in the bits and the bytes and keep our laser focus on the most crucial part – the readers, listeners and viewers? What can be the first steps media in the Western Balkans make in this area? Does innovation cost and if so, how much? These are just some of the questions we will try to answer from our experienced speakers.

Vladimir Trkulja

Vladimir Trkulja

Tech and business expert

Ryan Powell

Ryan Powell

Product and Innovation Manager, IPI

Mite Kuzevski

Mite Kuzevski

Vidi Vaka

Sabrina Argoub

Sabrina Argoub

Programme Manager, JournalismAI

We will be joined by:

  • Vladimir Trkulja, tech and business expert

    Vladimir Trkulja is a community organizer and media business planer with a decade of experience in creating, growing and supporting Serbian startup companies through different programmes, mentoring, coaching and public speaking. Strong background in technology, especially related to developing new products using lean methodologies and working with agile teams. Vladimir is a mentor and coach of many acceleration programmes & events, including Eleven Ventures, Startup Academy, InnoEnergy Primer, Climate KIC, UNDP CSDU Incubator and Google Launchpad.

  • Ryan Powell, Product and Innovation Manager, IPI
    Ryan Powell is product and innovation manager at the International Press Institute, leading a consortium of partner organizations and media supporting innovation and development of sustainability business models for independent publishers in Europe. He started his career as a journalist for CNN International, and for the past six years has advised media on product and monetization in Europe and Africa at Metropole, Media Development Investment Fund, the Natural Resource Governance Institute and others.

  • Mite Kuzevski, Vidi Vaka
    Mite Kuzevski, Visual Storyteller, Co-founder and Head of media innovation in VidiVaka, a regional digital media startup. Mite’s educational background is in journalism but he has spent the last 15 years on combining new and traditional storytelling formats to take the journalism on a new level. He is a co-founder of VV Storytelling studio, arguably the first storytelling studio in the region. He is working as a consultant for communication and storytelling strategies for many international NGOs and companies. In the past he established New Media Centar, a first NGO in Macedonia promoting the new media and use of new media. Also, he established, a community website for twitter users from Macedonia and hash stats, a website for creating infographics from specific hashtags. He is providing trainings in Visual Storytelling to activists in the Balkans and worldwide and Digital Activism and Fighting Disinformation trainings worldwide for NGOs, activists and youth political leaders. 

  • Sabrina Argoub, Programme Manager, JournalismAI
    Sabrina Argoub is the programme manager of the JournalismAI Academy for Small Newsrooms, at POLIS Polis – the journalism think-tank at the London School of Economics and Political Science.
    Before joining JournalismAI, Sabrina worked at The Correspondent as production editor, where she coordinated and overviewed the editorial team. She is a graduate of the Political Communication and Journalism programme at the University of Amsterdam.

Whether you’re a seasoned journalist/editor or just starting out, this webinar will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips on how to innovate in your newsroom. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the experts and take your newsroom to the next level. 

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