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We see media outlets as vital for healthy and vibrant societies in the Western Balkan countries. Both, as drivers of their development and as a key source of information for their citizens. 

Media can fulfill that vision only if they are fully adaptive to challenges outside, ready to change inside and if they are sensitive to the needs of their audiences. Journalift was created with the goal of supporting media on their path. 

Journalift is an online resource platform with state-of-the-art hands-on practices and knowledge for people who want to know more about media development, media business and the newest trends in the media industry. It has been designed as a knowledge hub focused on the media outlets needs.

Journalift is providing valuable resources for journalists, media professionals, media owners, and media experts whether they work in the media outlets or provide them support in areas of business development, growth and reaching higher sustainability. Most importantly, it shares local stories with a local context in the language of local media professionals. 

The map shows the local Western Balkan media communities we have worked with so far.

We aim to generate and disseminate knowledge and experience about media business and development in general through:

  • Sharing information about media development in the Western Balkans and beyond 
  • Providing educational and experience-based content on media business such are case studies, blogs, short analyses or similar
  • Offering interactive educative content such as e-learning courses and webinars
  • Sharing impactful stories about both successes and failures from which local and regional media outlets can learn and be inspired by

We hope you join the conversations!

The idea and people behind Journalift

In the Western Balkans, and beyond, we work with visionary, enthusiasts and highly skilled professionals who are able to give a fresh breath to media development.

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We see ourselves as ‘game changers’, in the media development community that bring new ideas, innovative tools and result-based approaches to media businesses operation. 

In our work we implement blended learning approach, combining e-learning materials with follow up mentoring and capacity building, while supporting media growth in domain of journalism, business and audience-related strategies and growth.

We developed the Journalift website as part of the ‘Media for All’ project funded by the UK Government. By working with media outlets across the Western Balkans and providing expert mentoring, training and support, we have created this unique resource to benefit all media professionals in the region. 

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