01 Six reasons why we should not ignore mobile journalism
What does every journalist in the region of Western Balkans have? Hard question, right? It is easier to answer what many of our colleagues do not have – a decent salary, freedom, good working conditions, an opportunity for advancement and education, an opportunity for experimentation, understanding from managers and editors… But if we clarify the question – what is
Dec 3
What does every journalist in the region of Western Balkans have? Hard question, right? It is easier to answer what
Nov 24
Every reporter is a storyteller. Sometimes, when we are preoccupied with work, we tend to forget that fact. Especially in
Nov 19
Over the last decade, digital technologies have transformed much of the media industry. Advances in technology have forced media companies


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Dec 6
National radio station Kanal 77 introduced an on-line shop in order to create a solid and sustainable source of financing
Dec 3
What does every journalist in the region of Western Balkans have? Hard question, right? It is easier to answer what
Dec 1
Embroidery of traditional motifs and production of refined filigree works are both labour-intensive and rewarding. In Shkodra, a city located


Lamija Alečković

Newsroom management and organisation in digital environment

The goal of this course is to offer knowledge that will allow you not only to understand, but also to adapt and create work processes that will make your newsroom more modern, and to learn how to manage it to make your more competitive in a digital environment.
Vladimir Trkulja

Business models and monetization for media outlets

The aim of this course is to give you basic guidelines for developing a business idea and understanding how different elements of the media business affect each other.
Aleksandar Manasiev

Multiplatform journalism – an introductory course

Through the course you will learn how the world of media changes under the influence of technology, how the habits of the audience change, what content you need to create and how to adapt it in order to monitor in different platforms.
Nataša Kovačev

Western Balkans: How to keep journalists safe when covering protests

The goal of this course is to prepare journalists for possible unpredicted situations they can encounter while reporting from protests and different demonstrations. In recent years most of the protests that happened in the region got violent at some point with journalists becoming the targets. This course brings useful tips on how to avoid or deal with trouble at such events.
Aleksandar Birovljev

E-payment solutions

This course is a collection of practical experiences that will help you to go beyond your created business model and succeed in your efforts, because you started a business to sell your content, your services or your goods and make money. You can hear first-hand experiences of how electronic payments have become an industry and how they have reshaped e-commerce in the last ten years.
Nathan Koeshall, Miloš Janković, Sanja Lazić

Community building and community engagement for media

The goal of this course is to help you start thinking about your community in the right way, as well as to provide you with basic and practical concepts for building and engaging that community.
Aleksandar Manasiev

Mobile journalism – an introductory course

The course is intended for all journalists who want to independently create journalistic content. By explaining the techniques and best practices for creating contents through a mobile phone, journalists will be prepared independently, without any help to create engaging stories, visually powerful videos, interviews and publish them on any medium.
Aleksandra Radivojević

Strategic use of content performance data – from basics to data-informed decision-making in newsroom

In this course, you will have the opportunity to master the basics on which the analytical tools intended for digital media are based.

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