Pioneering Independence: How K2.0 Transformed its Revenue Model and started the HIVE

Kosovo 2.0
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Kosovo 2.0


Željko Crnjaković

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On the road to conquering challenges

Founded in 2010, K2.0 is an independent and progressive journalistic platform creating content in Albanian, BCSM and English for Kosovo, the region, and beyond. It is committed to explanatory, contextual, and narrative journalism. The primary focus of their mentoring process was on increasing self-generated revenue and becoming more independent from outside funding. 

The process included many options, from monetising physical event space to coworking space options, podcasts, and other content, until they created a support network through a donation membership model. 

The goal was to increase self-generated revenue by 30% and set the basis for other monetisation models, such as an e-shop of the future with a payment gateway implemented on their website.

K2.0 team

Main setbacks and how they overcame it

Since its launch, the K2.0 portal has been steadily growing, becoming a leading independent media outlet in Kosovo, read by the locals, the diaspora, and the region. The media’s revenue model depended on project financing and donor donations, but the team was always working on finding new ways of engaging the audience — online and offline.

The main challenge was developing and creating the content plan for the paid membership offer. The priority was to balance the offered value and the perceived value by the audience – while still making it sustainable for production. Another issue was implementing a payment gateway, which led to several obstacles and new precedents in how banks cooperate with civil organisations in Kosovo.

Motivation and diligent work – success!

Even with many issues in finding a suitable model for implementing an online payment gateway and model, the K2.0 team negotiated and found a way to work with the bank’s requirements.

It resulted in launching the campaign for the membership model – the HIVE, which made K2.0 the first media outlet from Kosovo to implement this type of membership model. 


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Our collaboration with Željko Crnjaković was smooth and fruitful. He was attentive, precise, and dedicated, taking time to understand us, our work, and our specific needs. He adapted flexibly to our evolving requirements and efficiently addressed any difficulties. His guidance reflected a genuine commitment to our growth and success, leading to the successful launch of HIVE.

K2.0 team

The service included not only a new payment gateway on their website but also an intricate system of content that is curated, created, and sent monthly to their members. This includes editor’s picks of articles, photo galleries, audio stories, podcasts, behind-the-scenes videos, member inputs, and more. 

Some of the K2.0 articles