Innovation in the Newsroom – How to Stay Ahead in the Digital Age

With the wave of discussions, dilemmas and worry that the introduction of Chat GPT created across the industry, media organisations suddenly started thinking about whether technology has become a threat to their jobs. But, artificial intelligence (AI) and innovative practices in the newsroom are not new, not a distant future dream.

Robots are already collecting and verifying data, writing articles and adapting them to different target groups and many newsrooms are using innovative devices that help them create a better reporting experience.

But innovation in the newsroom is about so much more than technology. How do we ensure we don’t get lost in the bits and the bytes and keep our laser focus on the most crucial part – the readers, listeners and viewers? What can be the first steps media in the Western Balkans make in this area? Does innovation cost and if so, how much? These are just some of the questions we will try to answer from our experienced speakers.

Authors: Vladimir Trkulja, Ryan Powell, Mite Kuzevski, Sabrina Argoub, moderator Sanja Lazić
Language: English
Publication Year: 2023