Journalift Talks with Vanja Stokić, editor-in-chief of eTrafika

Foto Baza is the name of the first photo exchange platform in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. The idea was successfully developed and implemented inside the Media for All project by Banja Luka based outlet eTrafika under the supervision of Thomson Foundation.

One part of the photos will be free to use on the principle of photo exchange, while the other part will be available by subscription and will offer high quality photos from all areas – illustrations, portraits, landscapes, panoramas, events…

Vanja Stokić, editor-in-chief of eTrafika, in the following Journalift interview speaks in more details about the idea for the photo exchange platform, project implementation, obstacles they faced, reactions of the media community, and the growth of Foto Baza platform.

Publication year: 2022