Stronger together – Networks of women in media

Women journalists, who are majority of the workforce in media across the Western Balkan countries, are especially exposed to gender-based violence due to the public nature of their work in general, and because of their gender identity in particular.

While many international and domestic specialists and organizations address the topic, only two professional networks in WB6 countries tackle it.

A Network of Women Journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina, established under the framework of the Association of Journalists of BiH, provides support (professional advice, psychological support, legal counsel) and works towards prevention of violence and empowerment of women journalists in media industry.

The other network is in Serbia, established as an informal network of Journalists against Violence against Women, and gathers women in media in the fight against gender-based violence as a social problem.

Fight against sexism in media industry in the Western Balkans has yet to happen and stronger networking could amplify the voices of women about the professional and personal problems they face in the media and society.

Join us and listen the discussion of our experts: Vildana Džekman, legal expert and co-ordinator in BH Women Journalist Network; Duška Pejović, journalist; Biljana Bejkova, civic activist; and Maša Mileusić, co-founder of Women Journalists against Violence against Women in Serbia.

They will try to answer some of the key questions:

  • What is the value of networking?
  • How can it help in dealing with attacks on journalists?
  • Is there potential for regional network of women in media in Western Balkans?
  • How do in-country and regional networks relate and complement each other’s work?
Authors: Vildana Džekman, Duška Pejović, Biljana Bejkova, Maša Mileusić and Željko Crnjaković
Language: English
Publication Year: 2022
Format: Video