Leading regional expert in domain of e-commerce, e-payment solutions and digital business planning for various clients, including the biggest media publishers in the region (Axel Springer, United group), biggest acquiring banks, e-commerce merchants, betting online companies and online retailers. Mr. Birovljev is a pioneer in e-commerce and e-payments. He developed and launched first online shopping mall, first classifieds online portal, implemented some of the market-changing e-payment features (card tokenization, one-click-payments, etc.). More than 2.000 business models were evaluated by Mr.Birovljev in period while he was head of e-commerce in largest regional bank and in years aftewards. In Serbia he closely worked with USAID media project to provide technical assistance to media stakeholders in developing a more enabling business environment for media. Working on improving regulatory legislative and economic environment for media, with specific concentration on optimizing online payments as a basis for enhancing digital business models for media. He specifically worked with Beta agency (payment solution), daily Danas (digital subscription), Nova Ekonomija (e-business and e-payment consulting), Foundation Catalyst (creating innovative payment infrastructure for servicing media Pescanik, KRIK, CINS and Fakenews).