Navigating Challenges, Achieving Success: The Journey of Radio Romano Avazo

Romano Avazo
Case Study

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Romano Avazo


Orkidea Xhaferaj

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The vision

Radio Romano Avazo, a proud representative of minority media, operates under the umbrella of NGO Durmish Asllano and caters to the marginalised Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian communities in Prizren, Kosovo. Thanks to the support of the Media for All project and work with their mentor, Romano Avazo was able to improve the quality of their content, expand their reach and offer advertising services to small businesses, NGOs, and large enterprises, thus fostering economic growth and social development. 

It is important to mention that as a part of the NGO Durmish Asllano program, Romano Avazo operates with a donor-dependent approach as an NGO.  It is understandable that they do not have a pure business approach, and they will be donor-dependent for some time.

Undeterred by the challenges and limitations, Romano Avazo continues to pursue its core objective of serving as the independent media for the Roma community, while keeping the communities informed on relevant social and economic issues. In essence, Romano Avazo’s dedication to providing a platform for the voiceless, promoting cultural awareness and social integration, and striving to create positive change in society is a testament to the power of community media.

Debate on the topic of challenges for employability of Roma community. Source: Radio Romano Avazo Facebook page

Pre- project status

Romano Avazo lacked a proper marketing plan, and marketing and PR mindset, that would allow them to improve activities, and target customers that have paying capacities.

Beyond the need for a mindset shift, Romano Avazo required tailored guidance to improve their online presence and positioning. They also needed access to the necessary skills, knowledge, and equipment to elevate the quality of content produced, whether in studio or during fieldwork.

The mentoring process

The initial phase of the program provided an exceptional opportunity for Romano Avazo to establish a business plan and expand their activities beyond the usual content production. Media was able to upgrade their equipment, redesign their website, receive capacity building, and enhance their PR plan. These improvements aimed to create a more engaging and informative online presence for their audience.

Following the completion of the first phase, which unfortunately resulted in a lack of funding and laying off several people, the second phase of the project played a crucial role in helping Romano Avazo reposition themselves internally and in the eyes of the public, as well as cementing their position as the only independent media outlet for the Roma community.

During this period, Romano Avazo successfully produced audio and visual podcasts, along with three advertisements. They have also developed a marketing plan that improved the quality of their online promotional materials, enhanced their social media channels, and contributed to their overall online presence. Furthermore, the involvement of a local expert assisted them in identifying potential paying customers, paving the way for greater sustainability and financial independence in the future.

Debate on the topic of the impact of the energy and financial crisis on the Roma community. Source: Radio Romano Avazo Facebook page

Overcoming challenges

Three main challenges were identified during the project – Content production challenges where some of the guests were unavailable for shows, were smartly mitigated by engaging other stakeholders to conduct all episodes as planned.

Identifying and engaging a local marketing expert in a timely manner was another challenge. The mentor, and later the marketing expert provided by the Media for All project, assisted in articulating marketing and PR approaches in the form of a ToR, detailing the level and type of support needed.

Additionally, considering the law paying capacities of the intended customers, Romano Avazo was not able to engage any of them. However, grants were received from several different entities during the reporting period.

“Mentor’s frequent meetings with our media have provided us with invaluable guidance and professional advice for our project. Orkidea has gone the extra mile, arranging necessary training sessions and helping us shape a promising marketing strategy for future benefits.” – Romano Avazo team

Commercial add for local business. Source: Radio Romano Avazo Facebook page