North Macedonia, 30% more audience due to the new website

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News portal Duma from Veles increased the audience, but also the time readers spend reading the content, due to the new website. Analytics shows that the daily readership has increased for 30%, whilst the time each reader spends on the website has increased for 35%.   

“The new website is excellent. Functionalities are optimized and mobile friendly,”

said Ubavka Janevska, editor-in-chief of, adding that in the last three weeks, since the new website is live, they have 1.000 new followers on social media.

With the introduction of streaming service, as the main pillar of their business plan, and production of authentic investigative stories Duma aims to further increase the readership.

The new website enables them to fulfill this goal. Namely, it offers live streaming of public events – from municipal solemn sessions to cultural, business, and sport events., established in 2012, is the first local news website from Veles. Beside the town, they cover the whole Vardar planning region, reporting daily on the main newsworthy events.

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