Audience Engagement – Path to Growth and Sustainability

Audience engagement is one of the pillars of the media outlet’s strategy to growth and success. In this business, it is imperative that the content created is consumed by an ever-growing audience, and that goal is constant – no matter how big your audience is. Another goal is that the media should always strive to not only reach their audience, but also engage them so that they could interact, get information, feedback, and even grow their revenue channels.

However with the internet, competition, as well as the sheer overload of information to which every person in the world is exposed to by being online, engaging with the audience is not an easy task.

In this webinar we will talk about different types of audience engagement, like crowdfunding and raising funds and how can these activities be utilized by media organizations.

We will also talk about leveraging the influence and support of diaspora and how can people living around the world help local media outlets survive and thrive.

Finally we will talk about different types of content that can best engage any type of audience in today’s information overload, naming some of the successful strategies that media organizations should use in order to stand out, and drive most engagement from their audience.

Authors: Željko Crnjaković, Dr. Blerjana Bino, Sanja Lazić and Goran Igić
Language: English
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Video