Journalift Talks with Božo Bulatović, executive director of Radio Titograd

Radio Titograd, a multiplatform outlet based in Montenegrin capital Podogorica, last year marked its fifth anniversary. The outlet, besides radio, is also present on the internet. The radio program is broadcasted on 101,1 Mhz and covers the towns of Podgorica, Danilovgrad, Spuž, and Cetinje.

Through the Media for All, a UK Government founded project delivered by the British Council in partnership with BIRN, INTRAC and Thomson Foundation, Radio Titograd got completely new website, introduced new content – a video podcast, and focused on more sustainable business model.

In this episode of Journalift Talks, Božo Bulatović, executive director of Radio Titograd, talks about the effects of Covid-19 on the media industry, Media for All project, the new website, and the future plans. This and much more interesting details about the outlet, their work, and the small jubilee are discussed in the latest Journalift Talks with Davor Marko and Božo Bulatović.

Publication year: 2022