Journalift Talks with Mite Kuzevski and Goran Igikj, founders of Vidi Vaka

Skopje based Vidi Vaka is a well-known and respected multimedia outlet thanks to their recognizable production of short informative videos and genuine social stories. But as a part of the Media for All project they went a step further. Namely, their business plan envisioned setting up a separate storytelling studio with focus on branded storytelling.

At the end of the day, among all the indicators that can be used to showcase the progress and success, the best are always the number of clients and the revenue. “The cross-section made before and after receiving support from the Media for All project shows the following: The number of clients increased from 14 in 2020 to 23 in 2021. At the same time, the revenue grew by 30%,” Goran Igikj, founder of Vidi Vaka, said.

Vidi Vaka is one of the 11 outlets from North Macedonia that are part of the Media for All business development grant scheme. The project is funded by the UK Government and implemented by the British Council, Thomson Foundation, BIRN and INTRAC in all Western Balkans countries.

In this special edition of Journalift Talks from Ulcinj in Montenegro, Mite and Goran talks with Ilcho Cvetanoski from Thomson Foundation about outlet’s main achievements and challenges during the Media for All project implementation, mentorship process, and Vidi Vaka future plans. This, and much more interesting details in the following interview.

Authors: Journalift