Journalift Talks with Nadežda Budimović, Editor-in-chief at KrusevacGrad

KrusevacGrad, a small local outlet based in the town of Kruševac in central Serbia, managed to increase commitment and engagement of the community, as well as to develop new advertising packages for local businesses, by advancing technical capacities and team’s knowhow.

They recently got new website which is mobile-friendly and more interactive compared to the old one. Also, capacity building trainings, on video production among others, together with the new video equipment led to creation of visually attractive content.

This and much more interesting details about the outlet, their work, the small jubilee are discussed in the latest Journalift Talks with Sanja Lazić and Nadežda Budimović, editor-in-chief at KrusevacGrad.

Publication year: 2022