Journalift Talks with Zoran Strika, website editor of Radio 021

Radio 021, a multiplatform outlet based in Novi Sad, Serbia, aims to increase its revenue by enabling better planning, improved coordination and more efficient communication with customers by developing a database of business clients.

The outlet, established 23 years ago, consists of a radio and web portal, as main channels of communication, and a café named Radio Cafe, a side business established to support the outlet’s independence with its non-core business revenue.

Radio 021 is one of the 16 outlets from Serbia that are part of the Media for All business development grant scheme.

Sanja Lazić in the latest edition of Journalift Talks with the 021-website editor Zoran Strika focus on the outlet’s plans, project implementation, and what have they learned from the Media for All project. This, and much more interesting details about the outlet, their work, and the media scene in Serbia in the following interview.

Publication year: 2022