Revenue streams for media outlets – Are donations a sustainable business model?

Media outlets are organizations and businesses, which are often in a different, more specific situation to other more classic business organizations when it comes to finding a business model that can create a sustainable revenue stream.

There is the fact that media organizations have various revenue stream options, however choosing the right it can be tricky. Project funding, donator programs, grants are attractive at the start but maintaining sustainability long term through these is a topic we will discuss in this webinar.

Contrary to this, there are other options for independent media organizations for revenue through other business models such as utilizing commercial strategies and implementing audience subscription, advertising, merchandise offers, crowdfunding, retail, and other service-based revenue models – in other words, these models require media outlets to think and act as a business.

Are donations and grants an actual business model that can be utilized long term, or just a way to raise capacity, learn things, and what are the pros and cons of various business models? We talk about all of these, with our guests and experts on this webinar.

Authors: Jelena Ožegović, David Quin, Vladimir Trkulja, Vitomir Ognjanović and Tamás Bodoky
Language: English
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Video