The power of longtail articles

Longtail articles are articles that for multiple reasons continue to attract audiences and generate traffic, days after they were published.

The topic of longtail/evergreen content is becoming more and more relevant due to the low use of rich media archives and their potential. Capturing value from evergreen content can significantly increase media outlets’ traffic, based on the re-use of already existing content.

Smartocto analysed longtail content performance for 20 media outlets in the Western Balkans, within the Media for All project. Data is aggregated on a country level with the goal of identifying % of readership that comes from longtail content and the results of this research will be briefly presented at the webinar. Smartocto experts will also make a brief presentation on media archives potential and present use cases from other foreign media outlets. Afterwards, we will hear insights and examples of how long-tail articles helped raise traffic for two media outlets from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nova Ekonomija is a media outlet that has 50% of its traffic coming from longtail content, which makes an interesting example on how to capture value of evergreen content. This is due to their nature as an economics magazine, and it would be interesting to find out more about their strategy and approach to reusing old content. is a niche media outlet focused on topics around the economy with a strong sense for investigative journalism as well. This particular case makes it great for sharing their practices with others.

In this webinar we are going to dive deep into which stories tend to live longer, how investigative pieces rank in the case, as they require more time and effort to be made and published. We will reveal if this pays off in the longer run, in terms of clicks, engagement, and loyalty.

Authors: Milena Tihojević, Miloš Stanić, Bojana Trninić, Ivana Pavlović and Željko Crnjaković
Language: English
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Video