Uroš Bogdanović is a radio and podcasting consultant with over 20 years of experience in multimedia and media affairs, and everyday content production. He is the author of a lot of content which you have certainly had the opportunity to hear and see on the Internet. Some of it has won awards. He has held all positions in the radio world – from presenter to program director of a national radio station and project manager aimed at making and organizing new radio stations. He collaborated with the best radio stations in the region. He has been actively involved in podcasting for the last six years, as a coach and a consultant.
Uroš is a well-known lecturer at media conferences across Europe, and the topics he likes to talk about (and what is even more important – they like to listen to him) are related to radio, podcasts and sales. The most famous, world-renowned conferences he spoke at were Radiodays Europe, Medientage and Tell a vision. He is the author of the advanced, “”storyselling”” sales technique “”Little green dragon””, which is used by many sales teams of large companies and the media.
He loves to eat. Various doughs in particular (burek and pizza, not pizza burek). You can find more on his website