Klodiana Kapo leads the organization “Faktoje” which provides fact-finding services since 2019. She assumed this position after three years of experience as Public Relations and Communication Manager at the international children’s organization World Vision, where she was recently awarded the “Global Brand Award” by the global office. Mrs. Kapo comes to “Faktoje” after a 16-year career in the most popular media outlets in the country where she has reported mainly on social issues and more specifically on the education system, health, youth development, etc. During her career, Mrs. Kapo has worked as a journalist at Top Channel (where she counts dozens of documentaries and personal stories), has had her weekly column in the newspaper “Shqip”, and has worked as editor-in-chief at the Albanian Public Television. Klodiana also counts a series of successful awareness campaigns for local and international non-governmental organizations and is a co-author of two books.