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KumanovoNews, a small outlet based in the northeastern town of Kumanovo, is slowly, but steadily, growing into a regional news leader. Thanks to the support received through the Media for All project this small online portal manages to increase and expand its media production. As a result of the material and know-how support KumanovoNews expand their portfolio and focus on creating multimedia content.

Since March 2021, KumanovoNews produced around 1.800 short news, 1.900 photos, and 11 video stories (including one commercial video). Also, they expanded their portfolio and worked on 64 commercials and 17 native advertising campaigns.

Suzana Nikolikj, editor-in-chief of KumanovoNews, proudly points out that some of the multimedia stories are breaking records.

“The latest video story about a talented kid who is only 6 years old and is already a national champion in gymnastics has more than 26.000 views on our Facebook page. That makes us happy and motivates us to work even more in the future,” Nikolikj said.

The outlets have existed for more than 13 years and this is the first media project they are included in. As a part of the Media for All, KumanovoNews with the support of Thomson Foundation mentors developed content and marketing strategy, got new website and equipment, straightened their human capacity internally by hiring new staff, and externally, by spreading correspondent’s network in the region.

The new approach, creating video stories or infographics for the investigative or breaking articles, resulted in increased daily readership for around 20 % compared to the period before the Media for All project. Also, the reactions from the public are more than positive.

“I wish that all small media gets into this situation so they can feel how it is to work with the support of true professionals and experts that really know their job. The thing that motivates us the most, and because of which we are happy to be a part of this project, is the dedication of the people. This is a young team that is very dedicated, available 24 hours for any support, and that has no price, that is worth more than what can be materially compensated,” Nikolikj said.

More details about the latest success of KumanovoNews, their work, and future plans, you can hear in the following interview which is part of the new Journalift Talks series.

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