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The list of media platforms that are part of the University Goce Delchev from Shtip is enriched with a new website and mobile app primarily focusing on the needs of the young people and students. is the new platform that is aiming to fill the gap in the media scene in North Macedonia. The website is part of the University media family which consists of radio – UGD FM, YouTube channel, and website.

“We created a new website and mobile application because currently there is no mobile application that offers young people/students the opportunity for fast and useful information about their studies or events of their interests,” pointed out from the University radio UGD FM., a subdivision of the University radio UGD FM, have engaged young people to work on the content creation. At the moment eight young journalists, predominantly students, work at under the mentorship of experienced journalists from UGD FM. The new website was created from a scratch – new team, brand identity, and social media presence. 

“All young journalist had trainings from our side, but also through the Media for All project, and now are completely ready to do their work” said Igor Stojanov, project coordinator and editor-in-chief at adding that in the previous seven months they have “published more than 900 articles, 2000 visuals for social media. And today we have more than 5.000 Facebook fans and 20.000 visits on”

Talking about the Media for All Stojanov points out that thanks to the project they managed to make a complete transformation of the University media center. “We have completely changed our previous work paradigm and focused on digital transformation in order to be more sustainable,” Stojanov said. 

University Radio UGD FM used the opportunity – mentorship and online courses – to increase its knowledge not only on journalism, but also on business development. “Our young content creators are mentored in this spirit to think about content that can be sold,” points out from UGD FM. 

University Radio UGD FM operates within the frameworks of the University Goce Delchev. Its programme airs in Shtip, and the nearby area, but can be followed also online. It started operating in 2009, and the programme throughout these years is mainly focusing on young people and students, but also on the academic society. 

University Radio UGD FM is one of the 11 outlets from North Macedonia that are part of the Media for All business development grant scheme. The project is funded by the UK Government and implemented by the British Council, Thomson Foundation, BIRN and INTRAC in all Western Balkans countries. 

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