BiH, Radio Osvit: Increase of audience and step towards monetization

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As a result of the new and modern website Radio Osvit from Zvornik has increased its audience in the last months. As its director, Zorana Petković, points out, the number of visits and followers is constantly growing.

Based on daily communication we know that our audience is extremely happy. We plan to conduct thorough surveys next month or two to get more analytical insights,

Petković said.  

As one of the several outlets that got a new, modern, and easy to navigate website with ‘Media for All’ support, employees are also happy with the final outcome.

Our overall assessment is that the new website has a huge share in the audience increase. But we consider this as the first step towards our ultimate goal – better digital promotion and monetization over the internet,”

Petković said.

Radio Osvit, a local radio station, began to operate in 1998 as the first private radio station in the city of Zvornik. Radio signal covers both banks of the Drina River, the region of Birac in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the region of Podrinje in Serbia. Potential listeners pool is around 200.000 people.

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