Online media essentials package

Upgrade your media outlet with three packages of templates you can download, adapt and use completely free.

Enhance data protection, digital security and basic online media standards – with simple templates available in all local languages and scripts. Use these documents to ensure that your media outlet has basic legal, technical and security standards applied.*

Data Privacy

Data privacy and protection are crucial for every media outlet to protect the data privacy of their audience, subscribers, clients, or employees.

See tips and download templates of two essential documents that will help you regulate this crucial area in accordance with the law, and avoid data breach or possible fines.

Privacy policy

Download and customize this template to ensure that all data collection activities in your media outlet are regulated by the law.

Records of activities regarding personal data processing

Get a clear overview of activities and responsibilities regarding data collection and processing in your media outlet with this template.

Digital Security

Digital security is of key importance for any organisation, especially media outlets, since they handle sensitive information.

Therefore, it is considered good practice to have internal documents which contain various organisational policies and procedures, such as a password policy, an email and account policy, a security plan, as well as a risk assessment document.

Password policy

Download and use this template to avoid risks of leaking, misusage or losing your online accounts.

Email and account policy

Secure the usage and management of professional email and associated accounts in your media outlet with this policy template.

Security plan

Develop procedures in the case of a digital security incident and learn how to prevent them with this template.

Risk assessment

Get a better insight in your media outlet’s technical resources and infrastructure, potential risks and threats, as well as vulnerabilities.

Online Media Standards

The development of a new media ecosystem that began with the rise of digital environments has greatly changed the traditional media landscape which was a one-way communication system.

These days media legislation is not in position to follow these developments and ethical rules are of great importance especially in the ever changing online environment.


Introduce basic reliability, accountability and transparency about your media outlet with this template for impressum.

Procedures for publishing media content (Credits)

Download and use these short guidelines to clearly and transparently credit the content on your media outlet web portal.

Guidelines for transparent modification of media content

Use these guidelines to ensure that your media outlet is transparently handling modification or withdrawal of online content on your web portal.

*Available templates are good practice examples on how a certain area should be regulated. Templates may be downloaded, modified and used to develop documents, policies and procedures for media outlets. Thomson Foundation is not responsible for modifications made in the templates nor for their implementation in practice.
Online media essentials package is developed within the Media for All project, funded by the UK Government and implemented by the British Council, Thomson Foundation, BIRN and INTRAC.