Albania, RTSH Korça: Important source of information for citizens

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TV Korça and Radio Korça, local branches of the public service media in Albania, have very important functions and enjoy a high level of trust among their local community, situated in the south-east of the country. This is one of the most significant findings of the Audience Perception and Size survey conducted as part of the ‘Media for All’ project. 

TV Korça achieves very significant audiences’ indicators (daily, weekly and maximal reach) in a very competitive surrounding and has been placed before several national TV stations (for example - RTSH, Vision+ and Ora TV). Additionally, TV Korça has a strong brand awareness and media consumption and is positioned as one of the key sources of information for citizens living in this part of Albania. 

On the other hand, Radio Korça is the leading radio station in the region with highest audiences’ indicators and also considered as the primary source of information for radio listenership in Korça. 

Another research indicated that RTSH Korça is highly gender sensitive media by equally representing men and women and also not gender-determining women’s participation in regular reporting. Likewise, RTSH Korça successfully avoids stereotyping when reporting on gender violence. Stereotypes do not frame minorities’ image either. 

RTSH Korça is part of the Media for All programme, a UK Government founded project delivered by the British Council in partnership with BIRN, INTRAC and Thomson Foundation. The Media for All supports media across the Western Balkans, by providing expert mentoring, training and financial support to engage with and deliver a diverse range of content to all citizens.

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