Bosnia and Herzegovina, Introducing new and attractive formats

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Mostar based online outlet started with the production of podcasts and short video stories in order to enrich its content and strengthen social media visibly. These activities are just part of business plan which is multilayered and focuses on several intertwined segments – straightening social media presence, enriching its content, and launching web-shop and online bookstore.  

So far, the first two activities are fully implemented whilst the last one, online bookstore/web-shop, is at its final stage. explains that by enriching the website content they want to encourage audience growth and bigger engagement on their social media platforms and web portal.

“Since video stories and podcasts have more engaging nature than traditional ways of reporting we will use it to produce content that is diverse and which is relatable to all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The topics we want to cover will concern minority groups in our country, ecology and green politics, gender equality,” explained Maša Galić from

Creation of a strong and dedicated community means that, if needed, can count on the audience to support their work in the future with donations. is an example of a mission-driven and ideology driven media outlet. They are part of the Centre for Critical Thinking Mostar (CCM), a nongovernmental, non-profit and nonpartisan association, established in 2011 with the purpose of building a culture of human rights and critical thinking. The association is established by the group of independent journalists, writers, and civil activists.

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