Kosovo, RTV Puls: Spotlight on small municipalities

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RTV Puls, a local outlet from Šilovo/Shillova, produced live shows about five rural municipalities in Kosovo focusing on their potentials for local tourism, and to raise awareness about the main issues people are facing. The TV programme aimed to better present five municipalities with Serbian majority in Kosovo (Štrpce/Shtërpcë, Klokot/Kllokot, Parteš/Partesh, Novo Brdo/Novobërdë, and Ranilug/Ranillug).

With the help of the Media for All project RTV Puls launched the live TV program Eto nas kod vas / Closer to You using a new innovative Outdoor Broadcasting Vehicle in front of the buildings of local municipalities and the most popular local sites. 

“We didn’t wait too long for feedback from the audience. Following the second show we received a series of positive comments with a special emphasis on our technological and human capacity to perfectly produce live shows that last around 60 to 70 minutes each,” said Stanko Pevac, Program Director at RTV Puls.

Šilovo/Shillova with just over 1,200 people is the largest village in the municipality, and RTV Puls with twenty or so employees is the largest employer in the municipality. And not only that. Thanks to the regional license, the program of this television can be watched outside the Gjilan region, in all neighboring municipalities, and through the networks of cable operators it can be watched by almost everyone in Kosovo.

“Our mission is to be a reliable backbone for the provision of information to the Serbian community in Kosovo, as well as to other Serbian speaking persons. In that regard, RTV Puls is developing its own solid production, prioritizing local news, reportages and programs all over Kosovo, as well as a rich cultural and artistic program aimed at preservation, advancement and promotion of Serbian language and cultural heritage of Serbian community in Kosovo,” said from RTV Puls.

The outlet was set up in 2001 as Dеčја tеlеviziја – DТV (Kids Television), and in 2004 was renamed to RTV Puls adjusting its programmatic scheme to a program of general format.

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