Kosovo, TV Prizreni: New formats for higher viewership

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TV Prizreni

TV Prizreni, a local broadcaster from the town of Prizren, increased its audience, especially in rural areas, by offering new formats and by extending its sphere of reporting. Since the project started with implementation TV Prizreni has made substantial progress.

“We have doubled our products in terms of numbers, extended our coverage by reaching new geographical and social groups, and improved our internal capacities by attending different trainings,” said from TV Prizreni.

Due to economic hardship, TV Prizreni has not managed to grow in terms of staff. And for that reason, the current team of reporters produced on average two stories per day. But thanks to the Media for All project all that has changed. Namely, in the last six months the outlet produced:  

  • 181 TV news stories,  
  • 14 long stories,  
  • 30 live shows,  
  • 82 website articles and  
  • 1 documentary. 

Increased production, both in quantitative and qualitative terms, resulted in an increased number of viewers and followers on the social media channels. “This trend should ultimately result in attracting more advertisements from local businesses,” pointed out from TV Prizreni.

The outlet, established in 1999, is among the oldest local media in Kosovo. TV Prizreni is one of the six outlets from Kosovo that are part of the Media for All business development grant scheme. The project is funded by the UK Government and implemented by the British Council, Thomson Foundation, BIRN and INTRAC in all Western Balkans countries.

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