Kosovo, TV Tema: Ferizaj goes globally, via murals and documentary

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Ferizaj-based TV Tema broadcasted the first episode of documentary series ‘Discovering Dardania’ on 24 July. This episode is about 6th edition of the ‘Mural Fest’, hosted in Ferizaj, which is becoming a venue for international artists. This year’s edition began on June 12 and involved the creation of five new murals under the thematic “Home”, portraying the exodus of the civilian population from Kosovo during the war in 1999. 

"This is the first traditional festival of murals in Kosovo, which was established in 2016, by artists Lebibe Topalli and Pranvera Sylejmani. Event attracts local Kosovar and international artists to visit Ferizaj and embed their artistic signature on the walls of the city buildings.  First episode covers the work of the international artists: Slim Safont, Zabou, Pablo Astrain, Guido Palmadessa, Vicente Macellari, and Mateu Targa, and it highlights their vision of “Home” and their impressions of the visit to Kosovo",

said Visar Hoti, director of TV Tema.  

Being beneficiary of the 'Media for All' project, TV Tema intends to use high quality production and contribute to tourism promotion and overall economic development of the community where they operate. This is the quite significant role one media play to promote their local community and foster its development.  

TV Tema is a private local television established in 2000 as radio station, and from 2005 it was licensed as a television that covers 10 municipalities of Kosovo with approximately 700,000 residents. The company employs 17 people. The television is fully equipped with HD technology and runs TV and Radio Broadcast, Video production.

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