Montenegro, Radio Titograd: New website for the fifth birthday

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Radio Titograd marked two major achievements this week – its fifth birthday and the launching of the new website. On 13 July 2016, around 7 pm, the radio started broadcasting for the first time. Božo Bulatović, executive director of Radio Titograd, vividly remembers that day.

“We started our program with a song from the legendary Miladin Šobić,”

said Bulatović adding that since its beginnings Radio Titograd is acknowledge as a professional outlet aiming at upholding quality music.

The program is broadcasted on 101,1 Mhz and covers the towns of Podgorica, Danilovgrad, Spuž, and Cetinje.

The outlet, besides radio, is present also on the internet. And on their webpage the radio signal is also streamed making it accessible for the people all around the globe. And in that regard, through the Media for All project, Radio Titograd got new fully redesigned and fresh website.

“Our analytics shows that we have continuous readership/listeners in 34 countries. This is huge success for a small outlet. Also, another key feature of our new website is the fact that for the first time is fully accessible for the people with visual impairment,”

said Bulatović.

Before the redesign the number of daily visits was between 1000 and 2000, now the expectation from Radio Titograd is that number will rise.

The next goal for Radio Titograd is production of video materials and stories in cooperation with TV Titograd.

Radio Titograd is part of the Media for All programme, a UK Government founded project delivered by the British Council in partnership with BIRN, INTRAC and Thomson Foundation. The Media for All supports media across the Western Balkans, by providing expert mentoring, training and financial support to engage with and deliver a diverse range of content to all citizens.

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