North Macedonia, KumanovoNews: From local to regional outlet

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With the support from the Media for All project KumanovoNews is slowly becoming regional outlet. By now, this small online portal, managed to expand its media production creating multimedia content on significant topics and events from the Northeast region of North Macedonia. 

“Our portal exists for more than 13 years and this is the first project where local outlets are at the centre. Thanks to the support from the program, we started with multimedia production. We are developing regional approach in our work and deepening our connection and relationship with the community,” Suzana Nikolikj, editor-in-chief, said adding that thanks to this approach they are constantly growing.

Since March 2021, KumanovoNews produced around 1.000 short news, 1.060 photos, 6 multimedia video stories, 3 long stories equipped with infographic and 3 stories with graphics. Some of these stories were republished in national outlets. 

This multimedia approach resulted in increased daily readership for 25 % comparing to the period before intervention. 

“When investigative and multimedia articles are published readership goes up to 25.000. Also, the followers on our Facebook page increased from 28.000 up to 31.000,” Nikolikj said adding that they also noticed “increase in readership from the Northeast region and diaspora.”

By now, as a part of the Media for All project, KumanovoNews with the support of Thomson Foundation mentors developed content and marketing strategy, got new website and equipment, straighten their human capacity internally, by hiring new staff, and externally, by spreading correspondent’s network in the region.

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