North Macedonia, TV Globi: Bringing diaspora home

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Regional TV outlet Globi from Gostivar started airing its documentary shows titled DiaSpora. The show will cover migrant’s life stories, challenges they faced in the new countries, and the ties they have with their hometown. The first episode was aired in August focusing on the diaspora community from Gostivar working and living in Switzerland.  

“We will produce 10 episodes in total. And each episode will be around 30 minutes long,” Zoran Madzoski from TV Globi said, adding that “the second episode is in the final production stage.”

Impressions following the first episode are more than positive. As Madzoski points out “the show will definitely have high ratings. Comments from the audience tells us that we have hit the spot.”

Based on these positive indicators TV Globi is trying to build a unique monetization model. Namely, they plan to advertise their show on social media by adding that the show can be seen only on particular IPTV, and in return they will ask from the IPTV provider to share some percent of the new subscribers’ fee.  

As indicated by TV Globi team the foundations for the successful implementation of the business plan are there. “Now we are more focused on our promotion. We tend to reach more audiences, and to have more advertisements and long-time partners,” Madzoski said. 

TV Globi was founded in 2013. Its TV signal is transmitted through cable operators in three municipalities: Gostivar, Vrapchishte and Bogovinje.

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