Serbia & North Macedonia: Job market as a source of revenue

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Audience of three online outlets from the Western Balkans, whilst reading the latest news, will be able to look for the newest job opportunities on outlet’s job market sites. With the support of the ‘Media for All’ project, two news portals from Serbia, Ozon press from Čačak and Pressek from Kragujevac, and Nezavisen vesnik from the Macedonian capital, Skopje, are introducing separate sites dedicated to labour markets.

The job websites of Pressek and Nezavisen vesnik are already live, whilst the one from Čačak-based Ozon press is in the final stage of preparation. The main idea behind this innovative approach is to diversify outlets’ income by supporting people in their quest for jobs.  

We noticed that our readers were highly interested in job related news. Some of them even called our outlet asking for more information,” Marija Obrenović from Pressek said. Pressek’s micro site became functional in mid-June, and since then, without any promotional campaign, they have around 20.000 visits per month.

So far we have published around 200 employment ads,” Obrenović said, adding that their next “plan is to start a promotional campaign to further promote the micro site.”      

On the other hand, the idea at Nezavisen vesnik had a different path. As Slobodanka Jovanovska, editor-in-chief, points out “the initial idea was to have a lasting product, resilient to political interference, and sustainable in the long run.” Nezavisen vesnik’s micro site has around 40 active advertisements at the moment. Their goal is to further promote their project, so they can increase the number of ads. 

Vladimir Trkulja, business mentor for all three outlets, points out that they are all in the pilot stage, but the initial results are encouraging.

I am extremely happy that outlets managed to launch their job market sites. They are fully functional and full with ads,” Trkulja said adding that in the upcoming period outlets will work on further promotion of the sites, but also learn from the process, and implement the necessary solutions that may arise.

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