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amfora, an online media outlet, started producing a series of short videos titled “Culture in 1 minute” about Durres ancient history and cultural heritage. Their unique approach combines short and visually attractive videos on history and archaeology with the aim to educate, promote and advocate cultural heritage protection among citizens and foreign tourists. 

Three, out of twenty planned, episodes have been published by the end of August. 

Reactions of the public are positive. Usually, video shows about culture are long and detailed. We have chosen to bring a short format in which we present the historical values of the Durres region,”

Geri Emiri, editor-in-chief of, said.

Besides videos, started producing podcasts titled “Voice of Culture”, in which various experts talk about socio-cultural topics. So far, four podcasts, out of 15, have been aired. As Emiri points out the “video series have an informative and promotional approach” whilst the podcasts “should encourage public discussion” on different socio-cultural topics.

Their unique and modern approach in storytelling, combined with the unusual and niche topics, has been recognized by several national broadcasters. Intrigued by the series they have invited the team to be guests on their shows, established in 2017, is a youth managed outlet focused on cultural heritage and archaeology. Through the project ‘Media for All’ and Thomson Foundation mentoring and capacity building support, the outlet has significantly increased its technical capacity and human resources.

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