Kosovo, RTV Besa: Bringing flavour of diversity to Prizren

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Prizren-based media, RTV Besa, decided to reflect the multiculturalism and language diversity of this city by introducing TV shows in Bosnian and Turkish language. Additionally, through their business plan, RTV Besa intended to provide translation of Municipal Sessions for these two minority communities in their mother languages.

“Besides the purpose of keeping informed and engaging the Bosnian and Turkish communities in decision making processes in Prizren Municipality, we also aim at reaching out to companies owned by the members of the abovementioned communities for marketing and increase our monthly revenues,” Mamer Fusha, owner and director of RTV Besa, said.

The outlet, supported through Media for All project and provided with mentorship by Thomson Foundation, within the first six months of the project implementation managed to produce 36 shows in Bosnian and 38 in Turkish language. Hosting distinguished representatives of Turkish and Bosnian communities the shows covered topics about politics, culture, art, sports, civil society and business. Additionally, RTV Besa opened Facebook pages in both respective languages, Bosnian and Turkish, with regular daily update.

“This project helped us to stabilize our operation and enlarge our production after and during the Covid crisis. As the result of these activities, we have started to have more closer relationship towards businesses owned by the members of the Turkish and Bosnian communities. So far, we have managed to attract several advertisements from these businesses,” concluded Fusha.

RTV Besa is established in 2002 as a local radio and in 2004 as a local television. It is one of few local media in Kosovo licensed from the Independent Media Commission to broadcast on terrestrial frequencies covering the entire Prizren region. In addition, the television is carried in major cable providers of Kosovo.

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