Bosnia and Herzegovina, Making marginalized visible through new multimedia formats

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Sarajevo based, an online platform reporting on various issues related to human rights and equality, is a perfect example of effective synergy of the two main streams of support in the Media for All project.

Thanks to the capacity building training, part of the Business Development (BD) stream of support, and online questionnaires, part of the Engaged Citizens Reporting (ECR) stream of support, they are successfully reaching new audiences and introducing new formats.

Namely, their aim is to transform the platform into a form of news agency for civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by providing multimedia content on CSOs activities for mainstream media outlets.

Through the BD stream they received know-how on different aspects of journalism – from audio and visual production, data analytics, to editorial management. These practical skills combined with the ECR tool resulted in a series of in-depth and well researched stories that highly resonated among the audience.

“We combined both streams of support by combining their methods,” Slobodanka Dekić, editor of said, adding that while producing the stories “they used the online questionnaires in order to get quality feedback from the audience.

In other words, as Dekić explains, thanks to the online surveys they managed to get valuable inputs for their articles – personal stories, quotes, hints, directions.

“This way of working is slightly more time consuming due to data processing and decoding the questionnaires. But on the other hand, the final output is highly valuable,” Dekić said.

Thanks to the support through the BD stream, among other things, they managed to establish a team of external associates: journalists, video and editing experts, graphic designers, which allows them to focus on video and multimedia production. 

One of the latest novelties is the improved version of the newsletter that is now integrated in the portal, and will be released on monthly bases starting from October 2021.

Portal is an online platform, part of the Sarajevo based Mediacentar Foundation, reporting on various issues related to human rights and equality. Mediacentar is an independent, non-profit center that enhances relations between the civil sector and media towards strengthening democracy and human rights in BiH.

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