Bosnia and Herzegovina, Radio ZOS: Pillar of the local community

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Radio ZOS from the small town of Tešanj is a perfect example of a media outlet heavily connected with the local community. This female-led radio and news portal successfully implements their business idea – establishment of a marketing agency. The purpose of the agency is to serve as an intermediary between local companies and big advertising agencies, but also will offer internet marketing services, creation of promotional campaigns, and other marketing services.

According to their mentor Sanja Mitić, Associate professor at Department of Business and Management at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, within the first two months of the project implementation Radio ZOS managed to obtain results that were planned for the first quartal. The secret for this success lies in their connection with the local community.

“Radio ZOS is fully aware about the needs of the local companies from the region of Tešanj. Knowing this, they offered a clear set of services that are tailormade for the specificity of the local companies,” said Mitić.   

This, according to Mitić, was possible due to the reputation and the connection with the local community that Radio ZOS managed to build and maintain in the previous years. Namely, they initiated several humanitarian actions and socially responsible campaigns.

As Amela Sejdić, director of Radio ZOS, points out they are “proud of the fact that although as a result of the pandemic there was a decrease in total revenue in 2020 no worker was fired.” She also pointed out that ZOS Radio received a Google award for production of high-quality articles about the pandemic and the effects it had on the local community and the companies. 

ZOS Radio is a commercial radio station from Tešanj, which has been operating under that name since 1997. 

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