Serbia, Nova Ekonomija: Transfer of accumulated knowledge through online courses

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Belgrade based niche outlet Nova Ekonomija is broadening its portfolio by expanding its work in the sphere of online education. Namely, taking into consideration their expertise, previous experience, and the market potential, Nova Ekonomija, as a main segment of their Media for All business plan, developed an e-learning platform and prepared three courses.

“Our business model is based on many years of experience in organizing and conducting offline training sessions for the members of the business community, students and young journalists in Serbia,” pointed out Nova Ekonomija adding that transferring these courses to the online environment was a logical step forward.

Namely, taking into consideration the extensive knowledge they have in the field of public relations and economy, together with developed curriculums and established lecturers, starting an e-learning platform was just a question of time. The plan gained importance during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So far, they have produced three courses. Two are fee-based (around Euro 60 per course): Public appearance - rules and practices, and Practical PR - best practices in media relations for various audiences. Whilst the third – Introduction in economy journalism - is free of charge. Two more courses are in preparation and should be live in early 2022.

Their target groups are the business community, individuals who want to acquire “soft”, interpersonal skills, students, and young journalists. According to Nova Ekonomija their objective is to offer innovative educational services to youth, produce interactive educational content, and set up a new approach in diversifying sources of income that will contribute to sustainability of the company.

“The platform has been active since October,” said Ivana Pavlović, web editor of Nova Ekonomija. Taking into consideration that this is a completely new product on the market, never before there was such an e-learning platform in Serbia, they are satisfied with the enrolments. “There is a higher enrolment rate for the Introduction in economy course, more than 20 people have passed it. The interest is slightly lower for the two other courses,” said Pavlović.

Business Info Group (BIG), the parent company of Nova Ekonomija, is a leading media house in Serbia in the field of economic journalism, which conducts a wide range of activities in the fields of publishing, TV production, online media, education, business consulting and event organisation. BIG was founded in 2009. Beside the monthly economy magazine Nova Ekonomija, the company also has a news portal under the same name.

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