Magločistač, Subotica: Brave female journalists that make difference

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Magločistač is a local niche media outlet from Subotica, Serbia, that reports on important and fact-based topics none of their competition in the Serbian north dare to report. An added value of this mission-lead media is female leadership. It was established by two professional journalists – Mirana Dmitrović and Natalija Jakovljević, and through the “Media for All” support they added another two women – Jadranka Stantić and Sanja Kosović, that brought an expanded set of skills and knowledge to their team.

Project coordinator, Natalija Jakovljević, explains the portal’s background and its mission:

Within several initial months of support provided through “Media for All” Magločistač managed to significantly increase its content production, audience and monetize its newly introduced services and partnerships. They also enlarged the team working for the portal and introduced new formats, such as Instagram stories, podcasts, and video content. For the first time, the editorial team regularly promotes content via social networks. 

More about support have been elaborated by its editor Mirana Dmitrović:

With the Thomson Foundation support within first eight months of business development grant implementation, they managed to: 

  • Employ new persons, including community manager – new position they introduced
  • Actively and continuously promote content on social networks, and to increase the number of followers on social networks by 9%
  • Come from 5.900 site users in January to 14.470 in December 2021 and from 12.496 page views in January to 32.803 in December 2021
  • Increase percentage of own production from 36 % to 67 %
  • Establish partnerships with 4 organizations of civil society from Serbia
  • Earn 14.241,14 GBP from these partnerships – initial target for 12-month period was 3.500 GBP

Jadranka Stantić, project coordination assistant, explains the essence of Magločistač business model:

The key role in defining and implementing their business model has been played by Galjina Ognjanov, professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade who provided mentorship to Magločistač team:

Sanja Kosović has been introduced to the Magločistač team as community manager, through the “Media for All” project. Her role was crucial for increasing the number of followers, making engagement with the community more significant and introducing new formats.

Magločistač actively participated in most of the training provided through the “Media for All” project, and significantly used the benefit of training and actively applied skills to produce new content, for example MoJo that resulted in creating video stories that were shared on all social media channels.   

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