Serbia, Boom 93: Innovations for better future 

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Under the motto “Think globally – act locally!” Boom 93, a radio station and web portal from the town of Požarevac in the eastern Serbia, successfully implemented its business plan: opened an online shop for branded merchandise, activated its members club, and introduced its mobile apps for Android and iOS operating systems. 

Since 80% of website traffic comes from mobile devices, Boom 93 management believes that the apps will improve user experience on smart phones and enable new opportunities for advertising and interactivity. 

We are proud to point out that Boom 93 is the only regional outlet in Serbia with an iOS application. And this was achieved thanks to the Media for All project,” Milorad Tadić, editor-in-chief of Boom 93, said.

The other two segments of the business plan are also fully functional and crucial for further development of the outlet. Online shop offers uniquely designed products (T-shirts, mugs, masks, phone covers, bags, etc.) with Boom 93’s branding. Whilst the members’ club will provide an opportunity for people who want to support the mission and work of Boom 93 to do that through monthly membership fees and in return will have access to exclusive perks and benefits. 

“All products are branded with local landmarks – the Star monument from the Memorial Park Čačalica, Miloš Obrenović monument, and our logo that was exclusively redesigned for this campaign,” Jana Jacić, PR expert at Boom 93, said. 

As a result of all these activities there is a sizable increase in the number of daily visits on the portal. Radoslav Momirović, who is in charge of analytics, points out that in the last three months there has been a 5% increase in the number of likes/fans on Facebook and Instagram.  

Boom 93 was founded in 1992 and serves the Braničevo and Podunavlje district in eastern Serbia. The radio is an equal balance of news, talk shows, and modern music. The first version of the news website was made in 1997. As a commercial organisation, Boom 93 strives to be a flexible organisation, able to adapt rapidly to changes in the business environment and to take part in responsible dialogue with the community.

And in that light “being part of the Media for All project is of utmost importance and a good chance to advance our work. We should bear the fruits of this project in the upcoming months,” Tadić concluded.

Boom 93 is one of the 16 outlets from Serbia that are part of the Media for All project which is funded by the UK Government and implemented by the British Council, Thomson Foundation, BIRN and INTRAC in all Western Balkans countries.

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