Albania, RTSH Gjirokastra: Increased visibility through documentary series

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The local public broadcaster from Gjirokastra, a small and picturesque town in the south of Albania, increased its impact and potential for monetization by offering new and fresh program schemes. Namely, as a part of the Media for All project, RTSH Gjirokastra produces documentaries on socio-economic and cultural development of the region of Gjirokastra. So far, they have produced 4 out of 10 planned documentaries. The topics include youth, minority questions, women entrepreneurs, environment, and agro-tourism challenges and development of the region. 

From RTSH Gjirokastra points out that the reaction of the audience is positive. But what is even more important is the “increase in advertising revenues for the outlet.” Another side effect is the bigger demand for the local agro-business promoted through the documentaries. 

“Two of the documentaries were requested by the head office in Tirana to be broadcasted on the national Public Broadcaster,” said from RTSH Gjirokastra.

Their business idea is to enlarge the pool of advertisers by diversifying and improving the quality of the media content and TV program. Another important goal is to improve its presence on social media.

Media for All has supported RTSH Gjirokastra in obtaining quality equipment, they were previously lacking, for production and editing of video, as well as support with capacity building/mentorship on storytelling and documentary production.

Arjan Xhani, Director of RTSH Gjirokastra, pointed out that “this is the first time they got funding by a donor” adding that the “quality of the documentaries is quite good because of the new equipment, and support given by the Media for All experts.”

Till the end of the project in mid-2022, RTSH Gjirokastra will produce 6 more documentaries, covering other socio-economic issues while promoting the rich touristic features of the entire region.

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