Montenegro, RTV Teuta: Multiplatform journalism as the new normal

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In the frame of the Media for All project RTV Teuta from Ulcinj fulfilled all envisioned goals – increased number of users / visits / subscribers, created a new bilingual website, introduced program live streaming, online application, and increased diaspora audience. 

Thanks to the holistic and multiplatform approach, together with the newly introduced website and app, RTV Teuta marks constant audience increase on all digital platforms. 

“Statistical data shows significant increase in the visibility, viewership, and audience engagement on all digital channels,” the executive director of RTV Teuta, Ilmira Lika, said adding that “before the implementation of the project we didn’t have a clear and strategic vision regarding our social media channels. Thanks to the close cooperation with the project experts, we managed to boost our visibility and attract a larger audience.” 

During the project implementation, in a period of one year, the results are impressive: 

  • Website users increased from 11.136 to 27.923;
  • YouTube subscribers increased from 7.760 to 10.609;
  • Facebook data shows increased number of followers from 6.915 to 12.138; 
  • Instagram followers quadrupled from initial 3.067 to 18.128.    

These achievements are the result of several factors. One of the crucial is tailor-made support in business planning and multiplatform journalism. Thanks to this, RTV Teuta nowadays focuses on live streaming and constant enrichment of the website and social media channels with quality content on a daily basis. They also pay special attention to the diaspora by producing documentaries that focus on their needs.      

“We create content based on statistics which give us insights into the preferences of our audience. The data shows that audience – domestic and the one abroad – are mainly interested in the local content,” Lika said adding that “the most viewed posts are based on citizen’s surveys, so we decided once per week to create a reportage based on it since our users care about the opinion of the citizens and problems they face.” 

The new website and app, together with the strategic approach in multiplatform journalism, should further increase the positive trend. RTV Teuta was established in 2003 and is the first bilingual outlet in Montenegro airing its program on Albanian and Montenegrin.

They are one of the five outlets from Montenegro that are part of the Media for All business development grant scheme. The project is funded by the UK Government and implemented by the British Council, Thomson Foundation, BIRN and INTRAC in all Western Balkans countries.

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